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3D Imaging For Teeth

Cone Beam 3D Machine and patient3D imagery is instrumental in multiple fields, including dentistry. Thanks to 3D cone beam technology, at Chicago Dental Esthetics we can accurately analyze and diagnose patients. But what is 3D cone beam technology, and how does it help?

3D Cone Beam Technology

Digital 3D models have existed for years, helping paint a more accurate picture of what is really going on with an object or space. We also take advantage of viewing things in great detail with the use of an advanced x-ray system that displays a patient’s scan in 3D. But how does this work?

X-rays are used just like a 2D scan, except this time, we will circle the patient a full 360 degrees with the beam literally shaped like a cone. This unique shape allows data to be captured all at once and displays it on a computer screen for viewing. We are able to move around the model and zoom in at will and see all of the details up close.

How Useful Is Cone Beam Technology?

Cone beam technology is highly beneficial. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell precisely what is going on with a patient’s teeth, jaw, and other parts of the mouth with a flat 2D image. A 3D image allows us to explore the necessary areas with accurate detail.

We use images like these to accurately plan out where and how we will place dental implants, for example. It is absolutely critical that we are able to properly fit implants into the correct position to avoid complications caused by misalignment. This isn’t all these images are used for, however. We also use 3D cone beams for tooth extractions for teeth that have been impacted. This allows us to plan out how we will perform the extraction.

It may sound like this would produce more radiation than a traditional x-ray scan, but you may be happy to find out that this is not the case. The radiation emitted from these 3D scans is less than the 2D equivalent when referring to analog x-ray equipment. If you ever receive a 3D scan from us, you can rest easy that this is entirely safe. The overall scanning takes less than a minute to complete.

And while this equipment is fantastic, it is not a complete replacement for 2D x-rays. We still take 2D scans using digital radiographs because they take high-quality images that highlight the specific bone and tissue that we need to see.

Do You Need a New Smile?

At Chicago Dental Esthetics we use modern technology to help accurately diagnose and treat patients. It is imperative that we offer the best to all of our patients because you want the best for your oral health and beautiful smile. If you have any questions for us or would like to schedule an appointment, you can call our office at (224) 341-5162. We hope we are able to work with you if you require any of our dental services!

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3D imagery is instrumental in multiple fields, including dentistry. Thanks to 3D cone beam technology, at Chicago Dental Esthetics we can accurately analyze patients.
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