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Dental Filling

Blonde woman smiling and pointing at her teethIf our dentist, Dr. Samantha Rabor, informs you that you have one or several cavities, do not panic! We will fill these cavities in a manner that minimizes your pain and ultimately improves your oral health. However, if you were to leave the cavities in place, they would cause significant decay and a slew of other problems that might eventually lead to tooth extraction and replacement. Our dental health specialists are here to prevent such an outcome with dental fillings that stop bacteria from spreading throughout your mouth. We will take x-rays of your teeth to identify all cavities including those in between your teeth.

The dentist will numb your teeth as well as your gums to keep you as comfortable as possible while the cavity is filled. The dentist will proceed to drill the decayed portion of the tooth so bacteria cannot spread and cause additional problems. Once the hole is drilled, the dentist will fill the area that was removed with a dental filling. The dental filling replaces the section of the tooth that the decay previously destroyed. Our dentist goes to the extent of molding the dental filling to ensure the proper match with your tooth’s unique contour. This detailed approach guarantees the dental filling restores the natural strength of the tooth.

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