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Invisalign for Teens

Crooked or misaligned teeth tend to affect the self-esteem of teens. Younger patients in their teens may feel self-conscious about wearing metal braces. We have the solution for your teen.

Invisalign clear aligners are inconspicuous and comfortable, making them an ideal choice for younger patients. These aligners utilize high-precision techniques to deliver exceptional results. Our orthodontists at Chicago Dental Esthetics will take 3D scans of your teeth before fitting the clear aligners.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign are removable BPA-free plastic aligners. They are designed to push the teeth in the desired direction to fix an improper bite or teeth misalignment.

Since every patient has a unique oral cavity structure, the aligners have to be precise. An evaluation of your teeth will determine the position to shift the teeth. The process must be accurate to conclusively address malocclusions.

Your teen will receive their next set of clear aligners after the first few weeks of treatment. The aligners exert pressure so that the teeth can move to the desired location. The process may take six months to a year depending on the patient’s oral health status.

Procedure for Invisalign

Before recommending Invisalign, our orthodontic team will evaluate your oral health. It is not advisable to use Invisalign if you have cavities or gum disease. Treatment for dental disorders is necessary before getting Invisalign.

Our orthodontist will scan your oral cavity to take an impression of your teeth and gums. Data from the scanner creates a 3D computer model to map your teeth’s position and orientation.

The 3D model can assess how the teeth may move during the Invisalign treatment. The teeth must move accurately to the target position. High precision ensures fast recovery after fitting the clear aligners.

Why Do Teens Opt for Invisalign?

Invisalign is more comfortable for teens, who are often self-conscious about wearing metal braces. Traditional braces can impact your teenager’s confidence and mental well-being. Many young patients are afraid of being teased by their peers in school. Fortunately, Invisalign braces are virtually invisible.

Young patients also prefer its removable feature, which allows them to take them off when eating or brushing their teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are also easier to maintain, which is convenient for teens. They make it easier to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. You only need to adhere to your regular dental hygiene routine to avoid cavities and gum disease.

Teens are often active in sports and games, which can make traditional braces inconvenient. Invisalign aligners can be removed before engaging in sports or demanding physical activities. They are less likely to cause complications during recovery since they do not irritate gum tissues.

Is Invisalign Right for My Teen?

Metal braces are sometimes better for addressing severe teeth misalignments. They generate more force to push the teeth into position. Invisalign is not always the best option for such cases.

Our orthodontist will help you choose the right treatment to address teeth misalignment. Teens can benefit immensely from the unique features of Invisalign clear aligners. Call us at Chicago Dental Esthetics at (224) 341-5162 to schedule an appointment so your teen can begin to experience the benefits of Invisalign.
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