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Nightguard on black backgroundIf you grind and gnash your teeth at night, then keeping your mouth protected is important for your dental health. The long-lasting effects of bruxism – a common name for teeth-gnashing - are damaging to both your teeth and jaws, and the effects include worn-down teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and fractures. Bruxism can also lead to TMD, a jaw disorder where your temporomandibular joint isn’t aligned correctly. This can result in you experiencing discomfort and difficulty moving your jaw. A custom-made mouthguard for nighttime usage can help protect you against these scenarios. At Chicago Dental Esthetics, our team can work with you to provide a comfortable oral appliance on which you can rely for a good night’s sleep.

A Night Mouthguard Protects You Against Long-term Damage

A mouthguard separates your top and bottom teeth by placing a barrier between them. The appliance sits on your top teeth, making for a non-invasive treatment option for those who have mild bruxism. When we are talking about mouthguards, we are specifically referring to a custom mouthguard. Off-the-shelf mouthguards may seem tempting at first, considering you can simply buy one in the store or order them online at a low price. This can be counterintuitive to protecting your teeth because an over-the-counter mouthguard is made for one-size-fits-all purposes. This means that the fit will not be tailored to your specific mouth size and shape. This can result in the mouthpiece shifting around or even dislodging in your sleep, which is especially damaging due to the additional pressure that will be applied to your teeth. In addition, a dislodged mouthguard can be a choking hazard, further emphasizing the need for a custom fit. For your comfort and safety, invest in a mouthguard that will perfectly fit your mouth. This is why our professionals are happy to work with you to provide a mouthpiece that you can rely on every night. We create the mouthguard out of a mold that was made based on an impression of your teeth so you can ensure that you are getting the right fit. Additional adjustments will be made as needed so you can walk away satisfied and ready to confidently use your mouthguard that night.

How Much Will This Cost?

A mouthguard made to treat bruxism is often qualified for insurance coverage. The final assessment for the mouthpiece includes the appointments and the mouthpiece itself. Compared to options such as surgery and braces, a mouthguard is a cheap alternative. Contact your insurance provider to ensure you know what they can do for you. A mouthguard that you can order online may be lower in cost, but they can be uncomfortable and even damage your teeth in the worst-case scenario. A mouthguard can last up to 10 years of nightly usage depending on the severity of the condition.

Contact Us If You Require Treatment

If you would like to talk to our professionals at Chicago Dental Esthetics about receiving a mouthguard or any other form of oral treatment, you can contact our team by calling our office at (224) 341-5162.
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