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Porcelain Crown

Rendering of jaw with dental crownWe use porcelain crowns for the restoration of damaged teeth and cosmetic enhancement. Our natural teeth are an amazing tool, but they can be subject to disease, damage and be visually unappealing in various ways. We use dental crowns to entirely surround and encase the natural tooth, presenting a perfected tooth while protecting the natural tooth beneath. At Chicago Dental Esthetics, we can help you have healthy, strong and beautiful teeth.

A dental crown is sometimes referred to as a cap, and the name is appropriate for how it works. We use crowns to cap a tooth. It is customized to fit fully over and around the natural tooth. It can also be customized to fit over a dental implant. The result is a structure that matches your neighboring teeth while improving the look, shape, and strength of the tooth.

Is a Porcelain Crown Better Than Other Materials?

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials including porcelain, metal, porcelain over metal, gold, and acrylic including zirconia. Each of these material options comes with benefits and some material options may not be best for where it is being placed. We will make recommendations on materials specific to you and your needs.

Porcelain crowns provide the closest match in coloring and translucency to your natural teeth. They are considered the most aesthetically pleasing option in dental crowns. We often recommend porcelain crowns for front, or more visible teeth.

Our patients love porcelain crowns because they are:
•  Strong: Porcelain crowns are nearly as strong as our own natural teeth. That being said, they are subject to chipping and breakage, just as our natural teeth are. Porcelain crowns are often recommended for your front, or most visible teeth.
•  Natural Looking: Porcelain is matched much more to your natural tooth coloring. The material also has a translucency much more similar to enamel. Your porcelain crowns will blend in with your natural teeth much more than other materials.
•  Long Lifespan: Porcelain crowns have a lifespan of ten years if treated well. The porcelain material is durable in strength. When cared for appropriately, you may even keep your porcelain crown longer.
•  Non-Metallic: Porcelain crowns that are not fused to metal are metal free. This may be especially important to patients with metal sensitivities.

When Are Porcelain Crowns Needed?

Dental crowns are used to restore or enhance the look of your teeth. We may recommend a dental crown after the natural tooth’s strength has been compromised following root canal therapy, a large cavity has been rid of decay, a tooth has been fractured, or when restoring a tooth with a dental implant. Additionally, crowns can be used to enhance the look of a tooth that is unsightly in shape, severely discolored, gapped, or any other aesthetic that you would like to cover. Dental crowns, especially porcelain, can restore and increase the look of your teeth, and even your entire smile. We invite you to learn more by talking to our team about your specific needs.
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