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Root Canal

Educational diagram of a tooth that has had a root canalRoot canal procedures, sometimes referred to as endodontic treatments, are much more common than most think. If you have heard root canals are egregiously painful, you have been misinformed. Our dental health specialists at Chicago Dental Esthetics perform root canal treatment procedures in as painless a manner as possible to remove infected/inflamed tissue from the interior of a tooth. This procedure zeroes in on the soft tissue pulp below the dentin and enamel layer of teeth. The root canal removes the pulp that has become inflamed or infected. The dentist completely cleans out the pulp chamber to safeguard the area against additional damage.

We use a local anesthetic and perform this procedure as gently as possible to minimize your pain. Our team also uses a dental dam in the form of a protective sheet over the area in question to keep the tooth isolated and prevent saliva from reaching it. The dentist drills into the tooth crown so the infected or inflamed pulp can be removed from the area. This area is cleaned and shaped appropriately to accommodate a filling that replaces the tooth’s pulp. We will also use adhesive dental cement so the root canal is sealed just right. The use of dental cement also prevents infections.

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