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Single Tooth Dental Implant
Computer image of a single tooth dental implant at Chicago Dental Esthetics in Glenview, ILOral health problems are usually uncomfortable, especially when you try everything in your power to save a decayed tooth. In worst-case scenarios, you can lose a tooth or two due to periodontal disease, injuries, and for many other reasons. Dental implants are artificial teeth surgically placed in the jawbone to replace lost teeth.

At Chicago Dental Esthetics, we would love to restore your lost confidence and smile. We will expertly replace your missing tooth at the root; all you need to do is call us.

What is a Single Tooth Implant?

A single-tooth implant is a dental process our dentist uses to replace a natural tooth at the root. It is called a single-tooth implant because only one tooth gets replaced. A multiple-tooth implant involves more than one tooth.

Naturally, our teeth are made with a symmetrical balance. If you lose one tooth, you will experience some imbalance in your mouth, especially when chewing food. Our dentists will perform a single-tooth implant to replace the missing tooth and restore the symmetry of your jaw.

What to Expect During a Single Tooth Implant

Our dentist will start with a comprehensive dental exam by taking dental X-rays and 3D images of your teeth and jaw. A model of the teeth and jaw will also form part of the preparation process.

Our dentist will then discuss your medical history. Of much interest to our dentist at this point is the possible existence of medical conditions that could cause complications during the surgical process. We will use the information provided to make decisions, such as recommending an intake of antibiotics before surgery to prevent infection.

After developing a treatment plan tailored to your specific condition, the next phase of the dental implant process will be surgery. In this stage, an anesthetic is given, and then our dentist will cut your gum to expose the bone. The dentist will then use a dental drill to create a hole in the bone, just large enough for a dental implant metal post.

A dental implant is a permanent and irreversible process, and our dentist will ensure that the hole drilled into the bone is deep enough. When the hole is ready, our dentist will place the implant metal post as the tooth root.

The placement of the tooth root does not cover the gap left by the missing tooth. A pre-designed denture will be placed on top of the root for appearance. We recommend taking out the denture before you go to sleep and placing it back in when you wake up in the morning. When your mouth is fully healed, the permanent crown of the implant is placed.

Caring for Your Single Tooth Implant

We highly recommend changing your toothbrush once you get your new single-tooth implant. We recommend using a nylon brush to clean your teeth because its bristles are pliable and gentle on the dental implants. Flossing will also become critical to your oral hygiene when you get your single-tooth implant.

Our main goal is to promote optimal oral health, and we would like to replace your missing tooth and restore your confidence. Contact Chicago Dental Esthetics to get assessed on the best dental implant options available for you. Call us at (224) 341-5162 to book your appointment today.

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Contact Chicago Dental Esthetics in Glenview to get assessed on the best dental implant options available for you. Call us to book your appointment today.
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