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Teeth Whitening

Blue whitening trays on a white tableTeeth whitening performed at Chicago Dental Esthetics is significantly different from that performed with at-home teeth bleaching kits available at local stores. Ask anyone who has had their teeth professionally whitened at Chicago Dental Esthetics about the results and you will be inundated with praise. This is quite the stark contrast with at-home teeth whitening kits that require repeated applications, put the gums in danger of contact with the whitening agent, and might not even work.

We take pride in whitening and brightening teeth in as little time as possible. Our team applies mouth guards and gauze to safeguard your tongue, gums, and other parts of your mouth, ultimately ensuring the bleaching agent strictly contacts your teeth. The end result is a uniform shade of white across the entirety of your teeth for optimal symmetry and beauty. However, patients should be aware that it is only the front portion of teeth that are whitened with bleaching agents. Put your faith in our dentist and you will rest easy knowing this skilled professional does everything possible to prevent injury to your gums and other parts of your mouth during the whitening process.

Here's how the whitening process works. Our team captures the current shade of your discolored teeth, polishes your teeth with pumice to remove plaque, ensures the teeth remain dry with gauze, and adds a barrier along the gumline for additional protection. The teeth are then coated with a whitening solution. This solution is activated with a curing light/laser. Once complete, your uniformly white teeth will look amazing, providing you with the confidence necessary to smile wide when at work, parties, stores, and in social settings.

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