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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Illustration of an impacted wisdom toothA common oral surgery that we recommend is the removal of your third row of molars, known as your wisdom teeth. Though it may not be necessary for everyone, we propose their removal for a majority of our patients for better health and the protection of your other teeth. Working with our staff at Chicago Dental Esthetics, we can evaluate the progression of your wisdom teeth and discuss your next steps.

Our third row of molars have a couple of disadvantages. They are the last to come in and our jawbone is often too short to accommodate them. For these two reasons, the wisdom teeth become problematic. In general, we do not take extraction lightly, and recommend taking every action to save natural teeth, but wisdom teeth often present more problems than benefits.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The American Dental Association, along with most dental professionals, realize the hazards that wisdom teeth present. They can put your oral health at risk. We recommend the removal of wisdom teeth because:
•  Late to Erupt: The late arrival of the wisdom teeth is problematic for their eruption. The other molars are already in place, they have settled into a position that may include the space that the wisdom teeth need.
•  Jawbone Size: Science has stated that further back in our evolutionary process our jawbone size was larger, meaning there was more room for the third row of molars. They presume that these molars are a piece of the evolutionary process that we are still undergoing and will eventually lose.
•  Impacted: Wisdom teeth are often impacted, this means they are unable to erupt fully. This is due to inadequate room. They may twist below the gumline, they may try to come in and get stuck, they may push neighboring teeth out of alignment. There can be many problems that occur due to impaction. An impacted tooth can be a source for infection and disease.
•  Gum Disease: Wisdom teeth are at much higher risk of developing gum disease. This can be due to impaction because there is space between the gum tissue and tooth for bacteria to settle. It can also be due to the long distance of the tooth making it more difficult to brush and floss effectively.
•  Wisdom Teeth Management: Even if you choose to keep your wisdom teeth, and there is sufficient space, and they are not impacted, wisdom teeth management is difficult. They are difficult to clean and difficult to restore if a cavity occurs.

The extraction of your wisdom teeth is best for your oral health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The removal of wisdom teeth is often a surgical procedure, this means that cuts into the gum tissue are made. Our priority is your safety and comfort. We will walk you through the steps, and depending on the number of teeth being removed, and the difficulty of the procedure, we may recommend you to an oral surgeon.

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If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you may need multiple tooth extractions. Call (224) 341-5162 to schedule your consultation appointment today!
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