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There’s no need to dread a root canal. Thanks to advances in dentistry and the extensive expertise of Samantha Rabor, DDS, your root canal at Chicago Dental Esthetics can be more comfortable than you ever imagined. If you need this tooth-saving procedure, don’t hesitate to call the office in Skokie, Illinois, or book your appointment online today.

Root Canals

What is a root canal?

Dr. Rabor uses root canals to save your tooth. They’re necessary once decay has reached the pulp — the sensitive interior portion of the tooth. You’ll probably know you need a root canal well before Dr. Rabor diagnoses you because in most cases the infection in your tooth’s pulp causes pain. 

Before root canals, once the pulp was infected, your only option was to extract the tooth. Pulling the tooth put a stop to your oral pain and ensured that the decay didn’t spread to any of the surrounding bone.

Fortunately, you have options beyond an extraction. With a root canal, Dr. Rabor can remove the decayed part of your tooth and clean the infection from your tooth’s interior. A root canal allows you to save your tooth. 

What happens during a root canal?

During this treatment, Dr. Rabor removes the portion of your tooth that was damaged by the decay. Then, she treats the infected pulp. She may need to drill to access this internal portion of your tooth, depending on how much of your tooth’s exterior was affected by the decay. 

Once she has access to the interior of your tooth, she removes any infected tissue and cleans the tooth’s interior to ensure no infection remains. Then, she fills the tooth, sealing the interior against further decay. 

She performs this entire procedure while you’re under anesthetic, ensuring you can relax comfortably during treatment. 

After my root canal, will I need a crown to protect my tooth?

It depends. Dr. Rabor recommends a crown when she needs to remove a significant portion of your tooth. Without a crown, what remains of your tooth could crack from the pressure of chewing. Additionally, a partial tooth affects your smile.

With a crown — a cap that goes over the top of your tooth — you restore the shape and strength of the treated tooth. Dr. Rabor creates your crown to fit perfectly with your surrounding teeth and color-matches it to them so you get a full, beautiful smile. 

If you have tooth pain, don’t wait to visit Chicago Dental Esthetics. Treating a tooth infection early minimizes the invasiveness of your root canal and might prevent you from needing a crown. 

To get started with your tooth care, call Chicago Dental Esthetics or make an appointment online today.